02 March, 2011

Bad Breath! Don't Wait Until You're Told You Got It. TheraBreath-Review /Giveaway 3/14

Bad breath is not the typical topic that anyone talks about or wants to. If you have bad breath, generally people are not going to point that out to you. It's not the "polite" thing to do. It is socially unacceptable to tell someone their breath reeks. It's just wrong....Unless, of course, that "someone" is your husband and the houseplants wilt if he  breaths near them. OK, that's a bit of an exaggeration, however, the fact that hubby Cubby has really foul breath is not.
Like others who have halitosis, Cubby doesn't realize how offensive his breath is. The odor that he emits from his mouth makes me queasy.  I didn't understand how he could not know. When I told him his breath reeked on numerous occasions, he would say, "Oh, it does not."
C'mon now. Why on God's green earth would I tell him his breath stunk if it didn't? Was he in denial about his bad breath? Heck if I know, but I was fed up after years of this.
I happened on a website that offers products specially formulated to eliminate bad breath. I began to read about the products offered there....   
I continued to read Dr. Katz's impressive bio and about his patented compound called OXYD-8. 
Well, it all sounded promising and the reasons on what caused bad breath and why OXYD-8 was the answer did make sense but the question remained, would it work?  Since I do reviews, I decided to write TheraBreath and explain the situation with my husband's breath. I asked to review the products because I unfortunately had a poo-breath candidate that could put their products to the ultimate test.
Soon after, we received three TheraBreath products, Toothpaste, Oral rinse, and Lozenges to try, with the understanding that if we felt they helped, we would share our opinions with our readers. I have to tell you, honestly, I was skeptical but so hopeful.
We started the regimen for oral and breath care immediately. The regimen is a step by step guide for severe halitosis. One can change it to adapt to individual cases. It is basically the same routine as your dentist recommends but with TheraBreath products. If you have a bad, bad, bad, case of bad breath, do the regimen at least 3 times a day. We used the products as directed 2 times per day for 2 days.
At first, Cubby said it left a horrible after taste. He said it tasted bitter. He emphasized this with dramatic facial expressions showing disgust.
I didn't experience this effect at all and thought Cubby was just being stubborn. Cubby never admitted he had bad breath in the first place. Naturally, I thought he was trying to come up with an excuse why he wasn't willing to even give the products a fair try. That would be like admitting that I have been right (all these years) and his breath was intolerable.
I referenced Dr. Katz's Bad Breath Bible and discovered that in some cases a difference in taste may occur for the first few days. Really? Hmmmm.
Then in CAPITOL letters it reads, "THIS IS ONLY TEMPORARY" and to remedy this, add a little baking soda on the toothbrush along with the toothpaste when brushing. It counteracts the acidity.
I showed Cubby this and he, with no excuses, continued into the second day adding baking soda. Cubby said it was better. Today was our third morning of using Therabreath and Cubby didn't need to use the baking soda this morning.
Do these products work? YES! It's obvious that they do. Really. Your breath either stinks or it's not so bad. Cubby's breath has improved, noticeably so.  With myself, I just woke up tasting less "morning breath." So, yes, it does work well.
I might point out here that Cubby does not smoke or chew. He does have diabetes and is on medications. A common side effect of many medications is dry mouth. Dry mouth attributes to bad breath. He also snores and sleeps with his mouth open. Another factor leading to dry mouth.
Bad breath can be caused from serious diseases but because Cubby has diabetes, he goes to the doctor and dentist regularly. Thank God that they have not found anything any more serious than he already has. He suffers with dry mouth which causes the halitosis. period. TheraBreath products can help with this and is.
I like the way these products taste, feel, and perform so I am opting to switch to the TheraBreath regimen.
A great way to get started on the TheraBreath regimen is to purchase one of the money saving starter kits.
TheraBreath is sold online and at a number of stores. Prices do vary so shop around. While my first thought was, Wow! This is pricey.
However, after giving it more thought, I didn't find the prices outrageous considering that the products work. Nothing else has.
Note: I found the Oral Rinse at Wal-Mart for $7.27. With the $1 off coupon that came inside the box of TheraBreath Mouth Wetting Lozenges that brings the cost for the Oral Rinse down to $6.27. That is not much of a difference than what mouthwashes with alcohol charges. The Oral Rinse contains no alcohol. I always wondered why if alcohol caused bad breath why mouthwash had alcohol in it?
To locate a store near you, click here.
If you know someone that has bad breath, tell them about TheraBreath. If you wonder if you have bad breath, flat out ask someone. You both might be glad you did.
Visit TheraBreath.com, look over their products but most importantly, read the information they have there.  Get a FREE copy of Dr. Katz's Bad Breath Bible on their site. OH! And make sure to check out the DEAL OF THE DAY. (great savings)
This is the kicker about the TheraBreath product line. 
100 Percent Satisfaction!
Try it! What do you have to lose except, perhaps, bad breath?
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