20 February, 2011

Hair Flairs-Hair Decor-Thoughts from a 3 year old (extra entry for $50)

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We went to see our daughter for her birthday over the weekend. Our granddaughter opted to spend the night in the motel with us. Over breakfast, I asked for her thoughts on a new product my daughter will be reviewing for www.HairFlairs.com (if you click here, you can see how these work)
We will be posting our full review on Hair Flairs a little later on but I just thought I'd share this. (proud G'ma, ya know)
A nickle for you thoughts! We are running a giveaway for $50 in pay pal cash when we get 1000 comments.  Help yourself to an extra entry in that giveaway just by commenting below. Here are some ideas for what to post under this video: You can use these or come up with your own. After all, it is your comment. (one comment is fine)
  • What do you think about beauty pageants for kids?
  • What color does MJ want in her hair?
  • Does your husband turn the TV up too loud?
  • We have to get pet friendly motel rooms. What is a feature you look for when booking a room?
  • Have you ever tried Hair Flairs? If not, would you?
After your comment here, click the button on the side bar "Cash Giveaway" and let me know by saying you commented on Hair Flairs. (leave an email if it isn't public, thanks)

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    Rae T. (Auqakuh) said...

    MJ wants pink. She didn't seem too thrilled with the green idea, hahaha! :)

    Anonymous said...

    I agree on Pet Friendly Hotels- I wouldn't dream of going anywhere without Emily, my Mainecoon cat.

    Dominique S said...

    I do look for pet friendly hotels when I have to travel. I try not to leave my babies behind if it can be helped. They get their own overnight bag packed with their jammies, food, toys, water bottles, etc lol. I usually stay at Embassy Suites since they allow pets. I also look for hotels that serve breakfast, which is another reason why I tend to stay there.

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