26 December, 2010

Do People Really Win Blog Giveaways?

Oh you bet your sweet lass they do!
During the Holiday Giveaways, I was one busy Grandma. There were so many wonderful blogs offering great prizes that I busied myself entering to help with my Christmas gifting.
I want to thank the following blogs again. I won something from each of them. And a couple that I won more than one product. They also introduced me to sites that I may have never found if not for their giveaways.
Blog giveaways work to promote a product. For me, they do, at least. I have a folder in my favorites filled with sponsor's sites that I will return to and buy from at some point and time.
I encourage you to visit these blogs, read the reviews, sign up for their newsletters, you will find so many new products and by golly, you might be a winner too!
I even have a giveaway and please enter. win membership to the Wholesale Costume Club
Please accept my sincere thank you to the following blogs! (you may even see some of the prizes I was blessed with winning in the pictures)

Me (in pink) and 'some' of my loving family

Malden Family Bookbound Photo Album for 200 Photos, BlackKleer-Vu Photo / hand Crated Bonded Leather Collection, Holds 500 4" x 6" Photos, 5 Per Page. Color: Brown.Pioneer Cloth Photo Album with Frame, 9-Inch-by-9-Inch, Apple Red


~ Noelle said...

So happy that yall had a great Christmas!!!!

Simply Stacie said...

Your grandkids are so sweet! Congrats on all the winnings! That's great!

I won a few things in Blogmania and it really helped me with Christmas for my daughters. Winning is always so much fun!

Mary Bertsch Independent Avon Sales Representative, Unit Leader said...

Those are awesome pictures. I won some great prizes during Christmas also including a $200 gift card. Fun!

Laurie Harrison said...

So happy that yall had a great Christmas!!!!